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This division is designed to provide Retirement Solution, Forex Trading, Capital and Private equity management.
In adherence to Regulations 28 and 29 of the Pension Fund Act, the Hamika Capital was then established and licensed as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) by the National Financial Regulator, NAMFISA, and is managed by Old mutual Namibia.

Hamika Retirement Fund- Is bespoke solution that offer Retirement Funds to our in house -staff and outside payroll service to provide seamless data transfers to ease the administrative burden for you and your staff. We will work with you to develop the tools necessary to ease the administrative operations of your qualified retirement plan. We assist your company in establishing and maintaining a solid retirement plan that promotes and supports the goals and objectives of your business, control costs and gives both employers and employees a sense of security.

Our Retirement Solutions focused exclusively on qualified retirement plans and we have years of experience in the field. We draw upon our knowledge of defined contribution plan options to find the right solution to meet the unique needs of any client. The ultimate key to providing the client with a successful plan is working with someone who has spent the time and energy getting to know the business needs and building the plan and relationships to continuously meet those needs.

December/January Wallet by Hamika is our short term plan which allowed an individual or companies to take out a short term monthly saving plan of their choice and access it after 12 months, here you have a choice of withdrawing all out or let it to grow. Our aim is to encourage our clients to spend less and save more by growing their investment with us.

Our schedule of fees is not as extensive as many Third Party Administration firms because our philosophy is to make plans cost effective for businesses while still providing a high quality of service. The fees in our Estimated Fee Schedule are quoted without knowing the plan specifics and adjustments may be possible depending on the design of the current plan and the needs of the client.

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