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This division operate under a memorandum of understanding between Hamika Trading group and Aquarius Brands™. A USA base to bring this innovative idea to the Namibia market and southern Africa Region.

Aquarius Brands™ is a group of companies specializing in water generation, conservation and education for homes, businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, utility companies and more. Our products include AWS AquaBoy® air to water generators™, AquaSaver™ water purification systems and Boomerang™ high-capacity compact bottling machines.

Hamika Aquarius ™ & Aquarius Brands™ believes in the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. Since 2015, Aquarius Brands™ has developed and brought to market multi-award winning products such as the AquaBoy® and AquaBoy® Pro II. Using the latest technologies in conjunction with some of the industry’s top electrical engineers and designers, the company has become a leader in innovation and sustainability.

From using recycled materials and vegetable based inks for packaging, to the manufacturing of water and solar solutions, Aquarius Brands™ positions itself to be an all-around leading environmental solutions company for many years to come.

Our mission is to provide low-cost and high-quality drinking water to people in every corner of the country and help to alleviate the National water crisis our nation is facing by providing water to those in need. As a Namibian Company our Main goal remains vested in the NDP 5 and the Namibian Government's Action Plan towards Prosperity for All (HARAMBEE PROSPERITY PLAN).

The company will manufacture and provide atmospheric water machine that are power by solar, wind and low cost electrical /diesel generator.

How it works

  1. Fresh air enters the machine through air filters
  2. Filtered air is cooled down to its dew point
  3. Condensation forms water and falls into the reservoir tank
  4. Water is pumped through filters
  5. Water undergoes reverse osmosis procedure
  6. Water is pumped through mineralizers up to top reservoir tank
  7. Pure water is stored in top reservoir tank and UV treated

Our AquaBoy® air to water generators™ make “purified great tasting water™” from the air, helping to conserve Earth’s scarce groundwater resources and reduce the carbon footprint. With droughts, water restrictions, water quality warnings, boil alerts, lack of water due to natural disasters and an overall awareness of the importance of purified water (for drinking, hot tea, gourmet coffee, purified ice, baby formula, cooking, baking, pet care, steam irons, humidifiers, plants and more), homes, businesses and industries worldwide will benefit greatly from owning an AquaBoy®

Our Products Include:

  • AQUABOY® 5000L
  • AQUABOY® 500L
  • AQUABOY® 1000L
  • AQUABOY 2000L
  • AQUABOY® 5000L
  • AQUABOY® 10000L
  • Boomerang™ high-capacity compact bottling machines

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